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"enTraance's Nebraska is a mesmerizing masterpiece that combines Turpening's AfroCuban rhythmic influences with classical Baroque melodies in booming fashion . . . One can easily imagine enTraance's music as the soundtrack to a blockbuster movie.


  - Tim Owen, President, Tru Grooves Entertainment

Listening to enTraance is like taking a journey around with world with composer Andrew Turpening as your guide. As a global traveler and civic humanitarian, Andrew takes you from the fields of Nebraska to intimate streets in the heart of Cuba where Andrew lived and studied percussion. The journey continues, making stops to celebrate the nightlife in Miami and to the cobblestone streets of Europe to sample the rich harmonies and string traditions of the Baroque era. A wonderful journey indeed.”


  - Danny Burke, Skeptic Music

enTraance is a Twin Cites, MN based band which exists at the intersection of classical and modern music.

Bandleader Andrew Turpening is a skilled percussionist and drummer who has performed with Puerto Rican salsa legends Maelo Ruiz, Willie Gonzalez, Edgar Joel, Kevin Ceballo and Cuban pianist/singer Viviana Pintado. His compositions have been featured on National Public Radio.

In enTraance, Andrew creates hypnotic beats based on his studies of Cuban and Brazilian percussion and merges them with piano/synthesizer, a classical string quartet, bass and guitar. Andrew calls this collision of styles 'Baroque Breakbeat'.

enTraance released its debut album, 'Nebraska', in February 2017. In 2019, Andrew won a prestigious art fellowship, the Hinge Arts Residency in Fergus Falls, MN, where he started composing the second enTraance album. The first single and music video for the album, 'Quarantine', was released in October of 2020. The album is schedule to be released in 2021.

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